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    HI mate how you doing..............the reason ive been of the boards is 2 fold
    1:ive had a wee dose of cancer(hodgkins lymphoma)and i didnt feel like going public about it
    2:i was totally ****ed of with one of the admin staff who i think abuses his position and is a cnut.
    However i have been passed A1 on having had Chemo and radio and all seems to be well.
    This is the first time ive had a wee look for a long time............i think i will just have a wee look round before i post again.
    Nice of you to enquire as to my well being i hope you are well also

    Regards Bill
    Fair one m8 ... post count of that ! you`ve been around for a while ... all the best ... Naa **** you ! you`re surrounded by nurses I paid for .... only joking ... let me know when you are fighting fit again ....
    A bit of help please mate (if its possibe!)

    I've had to change the THSA mechanical cable rear loop (cable/chain/cable combination) and of course the available replacements are overlength and require cutting to length/fittings swaged in situ. The MRO hasn't got the pre measuring tensioner frame for this task (it's the first time we have ever had to do one). We have tried the OEM (who cannot supply one in the timeframe we need it in) and other major British 320 players, who don't have it either. Do you work on Scarebus 320s and if so , can you check with your stores and see if they hold this tooling. If they do, can you PM me the details of the MRO and address/contacts if possible, so I can pass it up the food chain with regards to hire of it.
    The tools description is DEVICE-PRE RIGGING, CONTROL CABLE and its part number is 98D27408650000. It is used on the entire A320 family and possibly on A330/40s as well. It is also used for rudder cable changes.

    Many thanks..

    Cheers mate, we have tried AirBus supply and the earliest they can supply one on hire is the begining of June, if they get the one they hired out back. I'll be surprised if they allow a production one to go, however we need it for about one to two hours (bolt it to the tracks, attach the temp cable fittings and measure/mark the two cable ends). Only thing is the temperature is fairly critical between the cabin /ambient when setting it up..LOL.. We also have a company King Air that can do air taxi to and from Hamburg, if our management see fit..
    Hawey TW How are you doing mate? Life at ISL is still good, spoke to pollard the other day he is posted up in Feb 09!
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