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  • Awesome job on the Android app and donation sent satis. Can I make a bid for AL1? Off the forum can we have a 'new post' option? Or am I being crap and its already there?

    Mate could you give me a call (if you stored my Mob No.) or PM me - Im after a set of RB199 notes (I ditched mine years ago)- im jumping from QQ and off to a new job in Bristol. MT
    Steve, it's sid adams, long time no see. Are you still in the mob. Where are you at now.
    Anyway can i check have i permission to post a new thread, got some interesting stuff to put out
    Ahy mate, good to see you the other day, i hope dtads isnt going to give you toooooooo much of a bad day out? - Like the Overseas fourm but havent you missed the Canadians or dont you like them?


    Hi wobbly,
    any chance you could delete one of my threads in the "thinking about joining the RAF" forum please, as i've pretty much asked the same question in both posts, and it only really needs one! i've already deleted the content on one of them, so you know w hich one to delete

    Yep it is.........FB Pic is the give away lmao !
    How ya doing fella ?
    Is that who I think it is........?
    Alright mucka, hope all is going well out in Afghan. Its a race against time at the moment, 2 slabs of wobbly left and your back in 3 weeks I doubt its gonna last :)
    Steveo, got any tie pins available? I have cold hard cash available.. Kev H
    We could do mate. I have around 20 odd left which we need to shift so if you need one just gimme a shout. Off to KAF again in the next few days so it will have to be when I get back.
    Any chance of getting hold of some more e-goat pin badges Steve? In fact seeing as the goat community is now past the 11,000 mark perhaps a re-run could be profitable

    Regards to Di & the Lads
    MY name is regina and iam seeking compatible partner for relationships but tolerance, kind, honest and sincere man. That want to love and be loved.that is exactly what i want a man that can make me happy in life and i will be able to love and respect him in return. therefore i'm sincerely seek for that special someone who will make my life completed as a woman just like i said earlier, please simple writ me back so that we could konw better, while longing to get your reply at reginatazi@yahoo.com
    There seems to be no method of logging in to my PayPal account when paying some subscription. Perhaps this might be possible ?

    I've paid a tenner to "webmaster@e-goat.co.uk".

    How do I get to send up a few photographs ?. My limit has not changed.
    Is there a real reason why my post count varies? I'm not bothered; just confused.
    I don't know if you are the right person to ask but I posted about applying to be DE controller with kids. I put it on the ATC board as I'm already an FOA, have been for 9 years and thought fellow tradesmen would be able to point me in the right direction. Is it best put on recruitment in this case?
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