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    Let me know if you got it..... Will try from another account if you didn't. Cheers
    If you need a copy of XP let me know, I have a full version of XP Pro with licence available that I can post over to you.

    What a loss to the world have know him all my life went to school in the RAF with him now done missed but never forgot Good by My dear friend Eric RIP
    EB, been away on hols......what happened to your post count mate?
    damn you!!!..............is that egg on your face......eeeagh
    bahhhh...umbug...xmas...its over!!!...supose we start throwing easter eggs now!
    Ok Ex-Bay, I think we will have to agree to disagree on this one! Happy New Year to you, sleep well! only 3 hours left of my shift!!! night night
    I understand what you mean Ex-Bay, but I just havent seen this false out pouring of grief in the media. If anything I think it isnt shown enough! Wooten Basset (Repatriation sevice) was shown once over Rememberance day but nothing since.
    Only just realised I had a message from you - didn't know you can send messages this way. Anyway glad to hear it got to you ok. Hope you found it in good condition and it all works fine.
    Happy New Year !!
    Never underestimate Ginger Power splat!!!
    thats one in the eye of johny foreigner!!
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