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  • ay up mate, in afghan at the mo - back at the weekend with a bit of luck - maybe see you then if you are about!!

    Hi there, sorry ive been flicking through the forums and ive noticed u have deleted a few oh ur threads. . . how do u do it?? Ive tried just clicking (edit) at the bottom of my original post but it only give me the edit option. . . nothing on deleting. . . any help???
    That's great, plenty to work on there

    thanks for the advice
    Meant NCA btw.

    Thanks again
    I know it's a bit rude to write straight on your wall mate, but I'd like some info and I've seen that you seem to know a fair bit about non-commissioned aircrew.

    I applied for the fast track OASC in April and I went along on the 14-15th of May, passed the aptitudes for NCE and ATC DE. Got invited back to do the hangar exercise and interview on May 31st-June 1st. I'm being reffered to Selly Oak hospital for an in-depth eye exam for my left eye peripheral.

    I got a phone call from the Flt Sgnt at Cranwell last friday, to tell me that there had been a discussion about my application, and my test results. The deal is, that my practical day was v. good- but my interview seriously let me down, so they've asked me to go back in October for just the interview, and depending on that alone, with my practical results already in mind, I'm looking for ways and topics that I can bolster up on to make sure that I can nail it second time round, because I really need this to work out.

    I'm already serving and I'm going to commissioning club, but anything you can help me with, will be more than appreciated.


    Stonehenge: I'm all for a go, but I think a crane might be easier and quicker. There was a suggestion in 1999 to celebrate the new Millennium by doing a re-furb on it.
    Take that!
    Thank you for your kind delivery of frozen stuff for my drinks, but I don't trust the yellow colouring. . . . Take that!
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