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  • Not forgetting that cheese has a similar organic signature on x-ray as plastic explosive so is an ideal hiding place for Terry Taliban to use when he boards a plane.
    Chris, sorry mate I was away for a couple of days and just noticed your message, have replied by PM, good to finally get hold of you again, we will have to try to meet up time permitting as always. Jenks
    Mother of Plenty, i forgot about that... Hmm, maybe a little literary reading is in order for your 40th in November!!
    If you send the items I can afffix the photo in the toilets with the bodge tape. And the pan can be used to catch the drips.
    (off the leaky urinal... I don't know what you was thinking of!)
    Sent you a PM. Originaly posted it here by accident and there was no delete button just an edit button so i'm writing gobbledegook just to cover up all the personal details i just splashed all over your visitor page.

    Hope this covers it up!
    Is that you Chris Bryant or is there another Kryten.

    Not sure about the gimp masks, but yes - I was in a lurvely villa until Aug 2001, then got moved to PSAB...which was nice...
    You wouldnt happen to be the Force Information Manager for British Transport Police by any chance?

    Were you living in a villa with pool for a few months in 2001 making late night calls to Kuwait. Had a thing about Gimp masks and a Flt Lt who liked to put lipstick on with a trowel!

    If so look at this link and see if there are any names you recognize amongst the confirmed speakers!!

    Ahh, Rosco - your deductive powers are complete!! yes, it is I, Bryant - now eking out a living for a major defence company down in the South!! I am not sure if there is a new SNCO post out there, but lets just say you are correct as to who is there at the moment!!
    Sorry, but I've got to ask, is this Chris Bryant by any chance? I can't think of anyone else in reference to Krytens oddly shaped head for some reason...

    If so, it's Ross Wilson here mate, hopefully you'll remember me from such shows as TIW at Marham. It was a black comedy, but not a very funny one.

    Am I right in thinking that you know the SNCO that got picked? If so, would you mind telling me? Me and BillyBoy are in touch already and it'd good for all 3 of us to be in comms.

    If this isn't Chris, sorry, but could you tell me anyway? Only person I can guess at from your D*y*e post is Sean Doyle...

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