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Death benefits

I joined the Service in ‘97 and elected to remain on AFPS75 in 2005 when the AFPS05 scheme was introduced. I have now moved to AFPS15.

It occurred to me the other day that I do not know what my estate would be entitled to on my:-

1. Death whilst in service but not on duty;
2. Death whilst in service and whilst on duty inc. whilst deployed.

I am married and my kids are all over 19. I’m sure the answer is not straightforward but does anyone know for certain, not ‘I’ve heard…..’, etc?


This is how I replied to the_worrier on Army Rumour Service:

You should get a Benefit Information Statement just after your birthday each year. That will tell you what your spouse would receive in the event of your death.

The children would only be entitled to a child's pension if still in full time education or vocational training.

In relation to your spouse:

AFPS 75 would pay a pension of 50% of your entitlement (which is calculated using the Pension Code in force at the time of your death); and

AFPS 15 would pay a lump sum of 4 times your pensionable pay (unless you have nominated someone else to receive it) and a pension based on 62.5% of your AFPS 15 pension earnings enhanced by your average annual pension earning multipled by 1/2 of the number of years you have to serve until age 60.

If you are a member of the Forces Pension Society, you can ask for further help with this by contacting us via "Submit A Question" in the members' area of our website.