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  • thanks for that. Have been told different things now :( Go to AFCO, Go to PSF etc...

    I contacted my AFCO who informed me that remuster is nothing to do them and i should contact manning.

    So, still not sure of the correct way!! PSF, Manning, my CoC?

    Sorry, I didn't notice your message, just looked at your thread with interest!

    My circumstances were different than yours. I joined in '95 as RAFP. However I'd been sold a line at the AFCO and realised it wasn't the super job I was promised. I discussed it with my training snco.

    My only options were to leave the RAF, pass out as RAFP and apply for re-muster (which wasn't guaranteed) or fail the course twice, but still showing the right stuff that the RAF would want to keep me.

    I got lucky and had an understanding snco.

    I'm not sure where I'd start looking to be honest... however, nowadays all the important personnel rules and regs are available on the intranet and I seem to remember seeing the rules on remustering available for all to read!

    Check them out and hopefully you'll get an idea from them, maybe then you'll feel better about approaching your snco or PSF walla.

    Best of luck and keep me informed

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