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  • Hello Kev,My apologies for not being in touch for a long time. I've tried to accept you as a friend, but the system won't let it happen. Mac Mackenzie, sooty, ASF, now living in Reading has asked if it would be possible to organise a reunion for all the old boys. I've suggested that the Beer Festival at Reading, Sat 5th May, would be a reasonable location. It's central & not far from the train station. Might you be interested? Tiny
    Hi Sumps, I'd flown on it too - but for my 40th birthday. Wow! - to have a Dad involved in such a piece of history (and yourself by association?) Unfortunately, the only practicle demo needed for the court case is not what a good airframe should be used for.
    ...Part 2...Although I find it coincidental that the aircraft may be at the taxi stage at the same time as the court cases...may be for "practical demonstration purposes"? - We will see. Good luck to them. I have flown on it (superb ride) and have had a life time of stories; my father was the Chief Engineer and Technical Director on it having cut his teeth on the Bristol 188 and the BAC 221. He carried out the fire tests at Worton, having been brought out of retirement, even he was getting to the point where he acknowledged that age was making the aircraft "a little hard to handle”

    Here is the group, they may benefit from some one with your knowledge: Save-Concrode
    Hi chap, the Concorde thing I France has nothing to do with me - I just ended up talking to a guy about it, he is part of the UK group dedicated to getting Concorde back into the air (for the 2012 Olympics). The reason I was asking questions about the effort it would take to get it flying again was to fill the gaps in my knowledge. I was and remain skeptical about their time scales, as the group is not entirely transparent when it come to this type of information, when I last looked at what was going on they didn’t appear to have a clear idea as to the amount of legislation they would have to get around let alone the cost, acquisition /manufacturing of components /training/currencies…etc. I haven’t checked on the situation for over a year now but it would appear that the French equivalent is having much more success.
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