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    Excuse me for being a nobber and asking an NI lad to put travel dates out publicly sorry mate.

    Hilton has a sale on.Hilton Wembley Plaza has some pretty good prices for BnB but dates are a bit limited.

    Late rooms.com might also be worth checking out and they do secret rooms to but might be a bit dodgy given the size of london.

    Hope you find what your looking for.

    MY name is regina and iam seeking compatible partner for relationships but tolerance, kind, honest and sincere man. That want to love and be loved.that is exactly what i want a man that can make me happy in life and i will be able to love and respect him in return. therefore i'm sincerely seek for that special someone who will make my life completed as a woman just like i said earlier, please simple writ me back so that we could konw better, while longing to get your reply at reginatazi@yahoo.com
    Hi egoat chief,

    I have an idea for an addition or improvement to the website. My interest in the RAF is as a Reservist, my own application is progressing satisfactory; so my comment is for the benefit of others. Why not have a forum for Reservists, as I found infomation on Reserve service, trades, recruitment etc isn't very good and seems to be very fragmented.
    It does also seem that when anyone asks a question regarding Reserve service no one seems to be interested in helping .any info that I have found has been through trawling many different websites.
    I think that egoat overall is a good website but if Regular personnell dont feel able to answer then maybe a seperate Reserve forum is the way forward.

    Many regards

    Thanks for deleting my post on TG1 Pay rise......not. There was a question there unanswered as well though. Where does it say Trade Bashing is punishable by thread closure if the MOD decides he is bored with it?
    Hi Downsizer,
    Why isn't RAF (or RRH as I believe it's become ) Staxton Wold in the Camps list?
    Hi, can you tell me how to place TG5 Heavies in the trade specifics forum??


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