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Recruiting FAQ. Please Read Before Posting your Questions!

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It may take some time to read through but after you have done so your questions may well be answered and your knowledge expanded!

Q. What is RAF Halton like?
A. Have a look here. Or for a first hand account from an E-Goat member, look here

Q. Is the PJFT (Pre Joining Fitness Test) hard?
A. All recruits must pass the Pre-Joining Fitness Test (PJFT). This is because we want to ensure that everyone has at least a basic level of health-related physical fitness. Your local Armed Forces Careers Office (AFCO) will give you instructions on booking an appointment at a local fitness centre. To find out more look here

Q. Should I be doing fitness training prior to going to Halton?
A. Yes. If you’re thinking of joining the RAF, now’s the time to start getting in shape. The RAF Fitness and lifestyle programme will help you.
Remember - Train Hard - Fight Easy. For more information have a look here

Q. I start my basic training at RTS Halton soon. What can I expect?
A. Expect to be taken outside of your comfort zone on several occaisions. This can be done via your fitness (or lack of it) or through activities you are not accustomed to such as preparing your kit and accomodation for inspections, drill, team/character building events or somthing as simple as not getting as much sleep as you are generally used to! If you really want to be a part of the RAF and apply yourself to the experience you'll get a great deal out of it. Not everyone makes it through but the staff there will go out of their way 100% to give you the best chance of passing and continuing on to your professional training. This part of your training should last around nine weeks. For more information look here, here and here

Q. I've got my initial interview at the AFCO, what can I expect to happen?
A. You’ll meet serving RAF personnel from various jobs and ranks. They can answer your questions about careers and the RAF lifestyle, give you information and help. For more information on what will happen and some good advice, have a look here. There are a few different choices, so make sure you look and listen to them all.

Q. I'm going for my initial interview. What should I wear?
A. This is a job interview so go smart. A sensible suit with clean shirt and a tie with polished smart shoes would be ideal. If you don't own a suit check out some of the major supermarkets. They sell suits for as little as £25 that would suffice. First impressions are important.

Q. Where can I find my nearest AFCO?
A. In the first instance please call the advice line on 0845 605 5555. Or have a look at the AFCO locater here

Q. I would like to join the RAF, but would like to do some work experience with them, is that possible?
A. Yes, The majority of Stations do work experience. If you are starting your application process, please organise it through your AFCO. If you are still at school/College look here

Q. I have tattoo's, Will the stop me joining the RAF?
A. Tattoos are no barrier to military service as long as they are not offencive in nature and can be concealed when in uniform. If in doubt, please ask your AFCO staff for further advice.

Q. I want to join the RAF Regiment, what can I expect to happen on PGAC (Potential Gunner Acquaintance Course)
A. The Potential Gunner Acquaintance Course is a three-day course held at RAF Honington in Suffolk. As well as a key skills test and two fitness assessments, you’ll also do a field living exercise, which is your chance to find out what it’s like to live out in the open – living in a shelter, doing sentry duty and facing mock attacks. For more information, look here

Q. Where can I find out more information about the RAF Regiment training?
A. If you’re training as an RAF Regiment Gunner, you’ll spend about five months in military training at RAF Honington in Suffolk. For more information look here

Q. I have a medical problem, will that stop me from joining the RAF?
A. Work in the RAF makes certain physical demands on personnel. Before you join, you will have a medical assessment to make sure you meet medical standards. These standards are laid down by law and everyone joining must pass them. For more information, look here or phone the RAF Careers advice line on 0845 605 5555.

Q. How long will I be expected to sign up for?
A. When you join the RAF, you’ll be asked to join for a minimum length of service. How long it will be depends on your job, but usually it’s between six and twelve years. Look here for more information.

Q. What happens at the OASC?
A. Look here to get an insight into what will happen and what is required.

Q. What can I expect to happen during IOT at Cranwell?
A. If you’ve been assessed at the Officers and Aircrew Selection Centre (OASC) as ready for officer training, you’ll spend 30 weeks on the Initial Officer Training (IOT) course at the RAF College Cranwell, developing leadership and management skills in the world’s first specialist military academy for air forces. For more information, Look here and here.

Q. Will I be able to go home at weekends during training? What about annual leave?
A. After initial training, you’re free to go home at weekends if you’re not on duty. Initial training includes weekends as well as weekdays. Generally after around three weeks you will be able to go home for a weekend. For more information, look here.

Q. Whats the accommodation like?
A. For the first weeks during basic training, you'll share accommodation with other new recruits so you can get to know them. There's about 14 people per room, so it’s a great opportunity to build friendships. The RAF supplies your accommodation and food and will launder your bedding, but you'll be expected to do your own laundry (there's a launderette on base), look after your kit and equipment, and keep your sleeping area tidy. For more information, look here.

Q. Is there much of a social life?
A. Yes, there's more than you can imagine. For more information, look here, here and here

Q. I'm not a Christian, will this affect my application to join?
A. Whatever religious or cultural background you come from, you’ll be made welcome in the RAF. For more information, look here

Q: I'm gay, can I still join the RAF?
A: Yes. The RAF is an equal opportunities employer. No eligible candidate will be excluded on the basis of their sexuality.

Q: I've taken drugs in the past, will that go against my application?
A: If you are a habitual drug user you don’t qualify to join the RAF. If you’ve taken drugs in the past, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re excluded from joining, but you must have given up. There are random, compulsory drug tests for everyone in the RAF.

Q. Is there much scope for playing sport?
A. Yes, That’s why every RAF base has a whole range of sports to choose from. For more information, look here.

Q. I've been a bad boy in the past and have a criminal record for a minor offence. Will this stand in my way of applying to join the RAF?
A. This is a question that can only be answered by the AFCO. Depending on what you've done perhaps there are possibilities but the staff at the AFCO hold the definitive documentation that can answer your question.

Q: I don't want to look at the RAF careers website as I'm a bit lazy but I'm sure they must have a FAQ page as well.
A: Don't worry, we've done it for you here
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Hung Like a Baboon.
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This is a work in progress...If any of the old lags think of new FAQ's then put it into the above format and PM it to one of the mod's...We'll look at it and if we're happy it'll be included...We don't guarantee to include it but we'll certainly have a good look...We'll be adding to it as and when...

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