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Joining the RAF in 1981 at age 16.5 and joining now 2024....How has it changed?


If you weren't going on Expeds/Staff Rides you were in a job in the RAF. Those extras made it into a lifestyle. Those folks staying at work moaning didn't know how the system worked.

They all took a fair bit of organising though and H&S slowly took away some of the opportunities as you graduallly needed more and more qualified and certified leaders for activities. Wasn't impossible to do though and once you had a circle of qualified leaders in your pocket you could pretty much go anywhere.
We used to work 4 on 4 off so arranged visits as a watch. Based in Norfolk and traveled to Kinloss for experience flights around 1984, well before all this gubbins on H+S, we just a decent boss who signed it all off, warrants and all.


Loved being part of the station fishing team. Wednesday afternoon match practice. LOL
Yeah, remember it well in the 80/90's. We had the whole Wed off due to having to drive a fair distance and the match being 5 hours long, sure claimed petrol money back too :) Then there was the day off for college in my last 5 years checking out all the local totty.....Them dam cold war years were a struggle


Not a sporty type but had several years day release for college. HNC and degree. Did benefit me in service job and definitely helped in second career.
I did do a few expeds in UK and a ski course in Germany!