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How do I upload my own avatar?

Instructions on how to upload an avatar.

In the Menu bar at the top of this screen is a button named User CP.

Click on this and you will be taken to a page with a menu down the left hand side.

Select "Edit Avatar" from the Menu.

You will be now forwarded to the Avatar upload page.

Displayed on this page are various preloaded avatars, of which you can utilise. In addition, at the bottom of the screen there are two further options.

1. Link to a URL of site (this allows you to link to another site) however bare in mind that some graphical content has copyright and ownership clauses. Some sites even prevent you from attatching a link to their graphics.

2. Upload an Avatar from your machine. [Browse]. With this option you will be able to load a small jpg, gif, image from your computer. just click the [Browse] button and navigate to where your grahic is stored. Select Open and this will put the file path in the appropriate field.

3. Click Upload Avatar

4. Check the Use Custom Avatar box at the top of the edit avatar page. and your away. Please note that there is a restriction on image size. 80 x 80 pixels or 19.5KB, which ever is the smallest.

E-Goat has the right to remove any Avatars that are offensive or pornagraphic - but you have got to be going some!