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    sorry if these messages should have appeared in the private messages area, not sure how to do that.

    Foghorn, previously i have led expeds mountain biking in north wales and the south down way twice so i'm aware of what you may be getting into, just don't heap yourself with a load of work/admin if you can avoid it.
    cheers for your kind thoughts mate although with all this password stuff i still really have no idea who you are, you might be one of my best mates for all i know. (not trying to get me to confess to anything are you?) har har.
    If you want to ride a charity bike ride for me or a Cancer charity then please feel free mate but i don't have any time or energy to help you organise anything, other than pose for a few photos or an interview with a station mag if you think they would do any good in publicising any event. There is a Flt Lt Powell who is at Odiham, I rebuilt and upgraded his Trek road bike, he has done a few john o groats/lands end rides and he told me he was planning an exped (odiham or thereabouts to Paris for sometime in September (not forme or any charity as i understand), he asked me if i wanted in but that was just after i had been diagnosed so i had to turn him down as i have no idea what condition i will be in by then.
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