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What’s it like to be a chef in the RAF?

Is chef a decent trade to get into? Do they do much travelling or are they mostly in the UK? What was your day to day life like as a chef?

Thanks :)


Chefs go wherever troops are. Some of the best meals I had in the mob were in tents in mobile field kitchens.

I can't comment on the day to day side of things but I can't imagine it's all that exciting.

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Chefing in the RAF is role that will lead to something else, either a career in the RAF or a good set of skills, along with some great experiences, ready for returning to civy street.

If you are anywhere near South Linc's then try to get a visit to MCSU, be a good day out.

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They work often long hours and shifts that can start very early (Breakfast) or finish very late (24 hour feeders or supper). Its probably quite a challenging role these days in terms of making meals people want to eat from an ever decreasing budget. I doubt many people appreciate them when not on ops and by those who just use the mess to eat and not live in. At some bases you'll get involved in the many functions from dining-in nights to vast Summer Balls were you'll get a chance to really show off what you can do...Of course you won't be enjoying the balls et al yourself as you are helping to put them on!

I see someone has done the obligatory 'toughest course in the world' gag...I think the training is probably really very good and as another has mentioned you would be snapped up by organisations on the outside that need caterers that can perform under pressure for vast audiences.

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Every time I glance at the thread title i just want to say "Ace, you can be grumpy, scruffy, opinionated, the Sergeants say how high when you say jump and due to the officer class not understanding the rank all the difficult stuff goes to the flight sgts. Which means that you're not actually earning the mega pension they'll give you. Only downside is the beret is rubbish." Then I read it properly and think that being a chef could be very frustrating now that civvies are in charge. Get the job right and you'll be mr popular get it wrong and you'll know about it from everybody who walks along that servery.


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Whoever owns the contract, owns you. The opportunities for creative work outside of a field setting are very limited indeed. MCSU deploy for up to 72 hours then they use IAs drawn from everywhere to support them. That’s about your only real chance to do proper cheffing.