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Smack heads can stay

Tin basher

Knackered Old ****
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With army recruiting on the floor (In the case of the Guards regiments, 71 per cent of their recruit training places are not being taken up.) new recruits can stay even if they have found to have a wide range of drugs in their system (new recruits ...... will be allowed to stay, whatever substance has been found in their system – including heroin, cocaine, ecstasy and cannabis.).


Late & Tired

Flight Sergeant
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Oh great, recruits running round with live weapons, whilst off their head.
Just what we need.


And yet if I can't make it between 2 cones to the sound of a beep then it's goodbye!

Been there and bought the T-Shirt that what done for my BFT at Buchan. I wanted to extend my career for another 3 to complete 12 years. But with having a rib injury and from playing Rugby for the camp and regular 5 a-side football the blip test failed me. Put a pack on my back an tell me to run 1.5 miles in the allotted time I would have aced it even with injuries.
If they are tolerant to allow drug users regardless of personal circumstances then the forces have reach their Nadia. Even during the mid eighties you were out on yer ear if caught using drugs unless treated and serving time at Insworth or Colchester. Please correct me here due to foggy years and edit if contravening rules of website.


Warrant Officer
So, the army won't sack recruits they catch doing drugs and the RAF won't sack aircraft technician trainees who can't do aircraft technician stuff. I guess its anything goes, why bother training anyone or setting any standards any more?


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I know the argument for letting them stay is probably that the tests may pick up drugs done before they enlisted and, therefor, they deserve a second chance. But, as we all know, the recruitment process is not overnight, it can be months from first enquiry and interview to actual start date. If the no drugs policy is explained at day 1 of the enquiry then there should be no excuse for doing any substances in the run up to actual start date.


What is even more worrying is the submariners on the nuke boats !!!!!

Oops. sorry, pressed the wrong button !!!!

Sad thing is the military reflect society - Not a sweeping statement to be fair but it is one of those things that is deemed "acceptable"

Work for my bunch, P45 period and I agree with that approach