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Rank ability poem

Tin basher

Knackered Old ****
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Back in the day there was a poem/rhyme, which I have misplaced, about the superman style abilities of different commissioned ranks starting at the top,
Marshall of the royal Air force who could leap tall buildings, was as strong as a locomotive, a swift as a speeding bullet (something like that)
Down through each commissioned rank who all had lesser abilities than the one above ending with Pilot officer.
Pilot Officer walked around bungalows, could say Choo choo when he saw a train and was only allowed a water pistol (again something like that)
Finally WO who pushed tall buildings out of the way, could stop a train with a stare and catch bullets in his teeth (again something like that)

Anyone got a link or a copy??? Over to the Goat


Flight Sergeant
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I know the one you mean and almost certainly have a copy of a version (there were a few, iirc) but it might take some finding...