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Search results

  1. J

    Wisdom teeth.

    Had mine taken out back in 1998ish, one was like mwd’s, 90 deg out of true. Can’t remember why the others had to come out.
  2. J

    New RAF Uniform Proposal?

    I quite liked the bit where they said that opinion on uniform hasn’t been formally captured in over 20 years. Seem to remember the clothing survey in 2020 along with the blink and you’ll miss it results.
  3. J

    Uniform Questionnaire

    I saw this on CASWOs Instagram feed in December, but otherwise nothing! 53% we’re unhappy with the uniform, so let’s trial new court shoes! And it turns out that 62% of Shineys who don’t have a stable belt answered the survey.
  4. J

    Scaly brat stories

    Moved my two twice in a year, the youngest (5) has the occasional blip wanting her old friends or school again. But she will now skip into school while at her old school, even after a year she was still clinging to my leg most mornings. You could say that being a year older has made a...
  5. J

    Leatherman or Gerber?

    I've always sworn by L/man, I've never liked the Gerber opening or feel. My wave is like Triggers broom, I send it back to L/man after every det with a bit of a sob story and they replace it every time with a new one, been doing that for the last 12 years! I don't have a problem with the L/man...
  6. J

    RAF send out counter leak letter about teckie pay

    It’s on the Eng Branch Trade Advisers website. Head to the 38Gp page, then the A4 page is linked which leads to another link to the EBTA site.
  7. J

    Physiotherapist-flexible working from home or clinic, telephone triage

    Hello, The company my wife works for is looking for chartered physiotherapists to work from either one of our busy centres in the UK or work from home. This can be on a totally flexible basis with hours to suit you from 8am to 8pm mon-sun. The company provides telephone triage, face to...
  8. J

    Star Wars bloopers

    A little titbit for the Star Wars geeks amongst ushttp://youtu.be/OgLl0_mqLtc
  9. J

    FaceTime on tour

    Hi guys, I'm off on Herrick 17 soon and was wondering if it's possible to use FaceTime from a mac to the UK? Or is the bandwidth not wide enough? Cheers
  10. J

    London Bike, Boat & Outdoors Show

    Took a wander around the Excel today and saw what can only be the funnest way to drown! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7-KczCp0OQ4&feature=player_embedded
  11. J

    Parking by the Imperial War Museum

    Hi Guys, I'm trying to find somewhere to park a minibus near the Imperial War Museum, I'm taking a few guys down for a visit and trying to somewhere to leave the LDV, it's height is a killer for most multistory car parks and I imagine the few parking bays outside will be full of coaches - anyone...
  12. J

    Ap 110b-01

    I know I should know this, but I've been looking at training syllabuses and several have AP 100B-01 as a reference document, though no order number. I've had (what I think was) a good look around the intranet and cannot find a copy, has it been superseded totally by the JAP or am I looking in...
  13. J

    Liking the look of the new AMM's

    The new batch of lineys look tasty http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eo3Mhy6zuW0 but I'd turn the volume down myself!
  14. J

    Todays guardian

    So it was my own fault to pick up The Guardian, but there were slip pickings in the t bar. So I came across todays cartoon http://www.guardian.co.uk/theguardian/cartoon/2009/jul/14/steve-bell-guardian-cartoon and it's just made me angry, you know the point Steve Bell is trying to get across...
  15. J

    LSA repayments

    Just had an email from my old station stating that ACOS manning is doing a review of LSA payments, and as I was on det for 9 days back in '07 they are going to take back the LSA payments they gave me by mistake. Now my memory is not red hot so I took a look at old pay statements and my track &...
  16. J

    Video editing software

    Hi guys, I'm looking to splash out on some editing software as I'll like to do more than windows movie maker can offer, though being a cheap skate I don't want to be paying megabucks. Any suggestions?! I'm running vista BTW
  17. J


    Got a bit of a question, hope someone with more nounce than I can help. My iTunes says that I have so many songs at the bottom of the screen, now on my iPod it says significantly less, in the region of 600 tracks, the number has always been different, but I think 600 is getting silly. Ideas...
  18. J

    toot toot

    howdy peeps, Been sitting on the fringe for a while, thought it best to say hello. 10 years of armourer service - touch of foot tapping, merlin liney and now dabbling 2nd line oop north. All good really :PDT_Xtremez_30: