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  1. Fu Fu Valve

    Squippers on the flight line

    Well they are looking to get the RAF down to just 11 trades, so nothing would be a surprise going forward.
  2. Fu Fu Valve

    Wisdom teeth.

    I was sent all the way from Lossiemouth to the lovely place that was Haslar Naval Hospital to have mine removed after an annual dental visit around 2002/3. I had no problem with them, no pain there was just a bit of cheek biting as they had a growth spurt around the time of annual check up. 3...
  3. Fu Fu Valve

    Car Insurance

    Boom my renewal drops - Same as Barch, Hastings direct. Last year £359 this year they want £606, not as bad a quote that he got but still time to shop around and see what can be done.
  4. Fu Fu Valve

    Your thoughts on modern cars "safety" aids?

    Stop / start gets turned off and so does the Driver Monitoring stuff, I've had the dash light up telling me I need to pull over and rest due to fatigue after 20 minutes driving. I did pull over but only to find the right menu to turn it off.
  5. Fu Fu Valve

    Nicola Sturgeon to step down.

    X / Twitter is hysterical at the minute. The SNATs are all convinced this investigation is being run by MI5 & Westmonster to deflect from something and Rishi is going to announce an election soon, then once that's all done the charges will all be dropped :ROFLMAO: Completely missing the fact...
  6. Fu Fu Valve

    Car Insurance

    I've been with Hastings for years - the quote goes up one call and it's back down. Last year around this time i traded in the old Passat & picked up a much newer Merc C-Class after some initial buffoonery from Hastings at renewal time where my quote went up £450 - for a Passat I hadn't owned for...
  7. Fu Fu Valve

    Boeing boeing gone (maybe)

    Anything involving a Boeing will be news because they have to have something to write about and keep the story going. There's another one today about an Alaska Airlines 737 that had a windscreen crack as it was descending. Because that's Boeing's fault obviously. Same as the hydraulic leak on...
  8. Fu Fu Valve


  9. Fu Fu Valve

    New Falklands medal

    Not heard that one. What would be the point to it though, it's a bit that Petition to get a 'Cold War' medal - if it ever happened the number of people involved would probably use up the defense budget! Dishing out medals just for the sake of it takes away from medals having to be earned, or...
  10. Fu Fu Valve

    Mechs and Armourers become one

    I'm sure i read something last year about the RAF going from 70+ roles down to about 11... They're probably reading this thread for some ideas from the shop floor on how to hit the target
  11. Fu Fu Valve

    New Accomodation Model

    Some of them would love it, they'll be loitering outside the house in uniform just be saluted by the oiks..... There was an Officer at Lyneham who used to take a stroll outside the Junior Ranks Mess at lunchtime until the SWO was notified of his walking habits and told him to feck off back to...
  12. Fu Fu Valve

    TG1 Retention again

    The hospital went early to mid 2000's - I was on guard at Aki (2005 / 06) when a car screeched up to the gate with some 'refugee's' who were housed at Dhekalia and had spawned their first offspring at the hospital and they insisted their second child would be born in the same place and...
  13. Fu Fu Valve

    Prepare for War....

    Time to dig out my letter that says i can't be called up, just in case! :cool:
  14. Fu Fu Valve

    Prepare for War....

    There was something on the news last week (online not TV) that 2 dudes who finally got their Russian Citizenship were handed their drafting papers as soon as the Citizenship Ceremony was over - that's one way to do it.
  15. Fu Fu Valve


    SWO at Leeming in the early 90s (might have been the legend that was WO Grindrod) had the first parade for freedom of Northallerton. First thing he said was 'you don't want to be here, i don't want to be here but we've got to do this. Is there anyone who really doesn't want to be here' and 2 of...
  16. Fu Fu Valve


    Not just London, Glasgow has one as well. If we head down from the wilds of Aberdeenshire we have to use my car as the wife's 1.6l Golf is apparently non-compliant. It'll just be a case of avoid anywhere they try to bill me extra to drive on top of what i've already paid for the priveledge. I'm...
  17. Fu Fu Valve

    Nicola Sturgeon to step down.

    How long will it be before she steps down completely as an MP - 'to avoid any more distractions'. Then files for divorce and runs away to her Portuguese Villa for a while to let the dust settle before she emerges into a cushy job with the EU or some other shady organization.
  18. Fu Fu Valve


    Shell , like most of the oil and gas companies are global players. Out of all of that they made £2 billion in the UK which with the regular tax they pay and windfall tax means they're hit with a 75% tax rate on that £2 Billion. The windfall tax is having a huge effect on the industry with...
  19. Fu Fu Valve


    -6 in the wilds of Aberdeen shire today and there are still half-wits driving around with that little slit of windscreen cleared, no lights on and driving like black ice doesn't exist. We've had 2 cars in the fields leading to my house this weekend and a few close shaves. Some cockwombles...
  20. Fu Fu Valve

    Taking the law into your own hands

    Didn't see it but heard plenty about it. To many 'career criminals' seem to get away with community service, which is a joke 'go and pick litter and clean up the community garden' to make up for burgling and stealing from the community. Unfortunately for Adam it doesn't matter how nice a guy...