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Search results

  1. penfold93

    What do you still do

    You'd die in my job especially as the students feel its appropriate to stroll in 20-30 minutes after the lecture has started, Costa/Starbucks in hand. I've already been asked to not be sarcastic or comment as they feel I am picking on them.
  2. penfold93


    Any goaters going to be part of the RAF Det at Bagram Jul - Nov as I'm out there for my sins?
  3. penfold93

    The spotters will be livid!

    Announcement of no public airshow at Farnborough this year (link)
  4. penfold93

    WO (rtd) Karen McNeil

    It is with great sadness that we have to say goodbye to WO Karen McNeil she was a friend, an amazing nurse and a great RAF role model. Many of the Lyneham crew may remember her from Aeromed/TMW and her partner still works on Fat Alberts. She passed away on Wed morning following a very short...
  5. penfold93

    Yes or No

    Having read this story here where do my fellow Goaters stand on this. My take is that she made the decision 4 years ago and because things are tough then back to the comfort of home. Yet she is not sorry about her decision, there is no remorse so in the words of the old adage 'she's made her...
  6. penfold93

    Is this the biggest con/rip off?

    Like many of you my TV seems awash with advertisers guilt tripping us after the seasonal binge eating and drinking. According to food manufacturers we are all now gluten/lactose intolerant and need to be vegan as well but the advert that's gripping me the most at the moment is PELETON. For...
  7. penfold93

    28 Years ago today

    28 Years ago I had stepped off the train at Newark and had been greeted by an LAC who directed me to a horrid white/orange/brown coach that had the most uncomfortable vinyl seats and a short time later was dumped at my new home to start my RAF career. What followed is still quite vivid first...
  8. penfold93

    Should the Drink Drive limit be Lowered?

    Dear all just read this article wrt the argument for lowering the Drink Drive Limit. Do you agree? From seeing some of the destruction in causes I would be happy with zero.
  9. penfold93

    Time to celebrate!!!

    This headline gives me cause to celebrate. Two electricity wasting, mind numbing wastes of time being taken off air. The move facilitates the removal of airtime from z list celebrities (oxygen thieves) and wannabe z list celebrities trainee oxygen thieves. I am struggling to think of one good...
  10. penfold93

    Is an individuals background important

    Just read an interesting article here about the perceived difference beteween Army cadets at Sandhurst and was surprised that there is still a high percentage of the cadets who are privately educated. Does it make a difference in the RAF or in the military as a whole in the medical world there...
  11. penfold93

    Chris Evans Resigns

    So the host of BBC Radio Two's breakfast show has announced he is retiring as of Dec 18 and moving to the breakfast show on Virgin Radio UK. Personally I listen to Chris Moyles on Radio X but was wondering who could take the ginge's slot. Who would you like to hear?
  12. penfold93

    Does the RAF rank structure work?

    Read an interesting opinion article here about whether we should be looking at changing the military rank structure in the armed forces. Personally I dont think its much of an RAF/Navy issue but I have found some of the Armys rank idiosyncrasies bemusing with specific Regts having a totally...
  13. penfold93

    Plea for help Coningsby

    Dear all I am lucky thanks to a fellow goater to be able to show the RAF student nurses around the BBMF on the 21 Aug 18. Is there anyone who plays with Typhoons that would like to host 19 student nurses and 3 staff for a 1 1/2 hrs (1030 - 1200) and let them have a look at the planes. If you...
  14. penfold93

    Whining Civvie Coppers

    Cannot believe the outcry over the fact that some police had to stay in these horrific conditions for a couple of days! Cannot remember the outcry when we were drafted in for the olympics with some staying in much worse for much longer. If they want to save money then stop forking out for...
  15. penfold93

    EX RAF Paramedic and the Nerve agent saga

    Just read this Millsy is a great Paramedic and good bloke hope hes OK. Even after you leave the mob maybe you need to stay in date with GDT!
  16. penfold93

    Your thoughts please

    Is this what you like in swimwear? Is this what S2 looks like in a Cossie? Is their a future for RAFBird in this role? Will Fomz and Vim get RSI after viewing? Your thoughts please?
  17. penfold93

    Reporting Diplomatic Plates

    Does anyone know if we are still encouraged to call in if we see diplomatic plated cars in the vicinity of airbases and if so who to? Cheers
  18. penfold93


    Morning all, Does anyone on here or does anyone know a good contact for the BBMF. I have an idea but need to speak to someone in the know to see if its a non-starter! Cheers
  19. penfold93

    Some Advice required

    Just seeking a bit of advice from anyone in the know. If hypothetically a Flt Lt Level 7 (9) was to leave the RAF now for a Sqn Ldr FTRS Ltd Commitment post could anyone answer the following questions: Will the salary be as a S/L or the same as the individuals current salary on exit? Will the...
  20. penfold93

    Disgraced RAF Officer

    Oh dear not a good headline