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    FOA to ProvO

    Evening all, I'm currently toying with the idea of going for ProvO as a branch. Does anyone have any insights into the day to day role of OC Police etc? I'm in the process of speaking to Southwick Park and a couple of other branch officers to shadow them for a day or so. TIA.
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    ICS...A few questions.

    Evening goaters! I have a couple of questions regarding the Internal Commissioning Scheme. First of all, to anyone's knowledge, has the careers office fitness test been scrapped for use of a better phrase? Also, is it beneficial to a line manager to refuse to sign a prospective applicants...
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    Injured whilst playing representative sport...compensation claim(?)

    Fellow Goaters, A close friend of mine was injured a few months ago whilst playing representative sport. However in the Air Forces wisdom they decided to send the individual on 2 exercises in the space of 3 months before any medical assistance could be sought. Since then they have been...
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    USAF Hypersonic Jet

    Apparently the septics have been testing a hypersonic scramjet over the pacific, and want an ISD for NYC-London flights of 8 years time. Cynical old me thinks it'll be more like 2043 if the F35 is anything to go by...
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    Ex-Forces members fast tracked into teaching.

    A new scheme from the govt to get more of us into teaching when we leave...
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    Van rental...do we get discount?

    Fellow goaters, I'm posted from the isle of dreams all the way up to that secret typhoon base in Scotland. I can't send anything through supply anymore, and through speaking to MT, the only way I can shift my stuff is to hire a van. Do any national hire firms do military discount that you...
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    1 Sqn Opsys

    Anybody have any idea what manning are planning to do when 1 Sqn stands up at Leuchars in Sept? Will the Opsys be taken from current buffoon sqns or new incumbents?
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    One of the twin winged brevet variety. Have a knack for snagging the simplest of problems in an aircraft. Seem to think that they are the superior race in the RAF. Also see 'Baby Growbag' - similar to the aforementioned, but with a huge case of 'imbetterthaneveryoneelse-ness' then get...
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    2 officers KIA in afghan named.

    Names released of the 2 officers KIA (Capt Jennings & S/L Downing) http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-16352824 from the mob's website Sqn Ldr Downing was an ex EngO from Kinloss http://www.raf.mod.uk/news/archive/sqn-ldr-a-downing-29122011