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Search results

  1. Tin basher

    Something I've been meaning to ask about being time-ex.

    With luck in 6 months time you'll wonder how you ever managed to fit 40 hours of something else (work) into your busy week.😀
  2. Tin basher

    Something I've been meaning to ask about being time-ex.

    I retired early at 60 so have been on Easy Street for sometime. Now the worlds your lobster, life is one long weekend. The very worst thing is to do is nothing, just sitting drinking a cuppa watching the ITV racing all day will find the grim reaper making an early appearance. Do your best to...
  3. Tin basher

    What is the weather ...

    Snow and fog in the midlands around TB Towers. As we, in the UK, have had such conditions many times in the past I'm sure the council has a well designed and workable plan ready to implement. After all it's nothing new. On the downside golf cancelled today:(
  4. Tin basher

    Dodgy Spares

    Budget airline Ryanair now found to have AOG supplied dodgy spares on some jets. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-12816173/Ryanair-fake-engine-parts-airline-scandal.html
  5. Tin basher

    The Peculiar Rise of Geert Wilders

    He needs to gather other parties around him to form a government so his policies will have to be tempered by other views.
  6. Tin basher

    Accommodation in the news again

    Its all gone downhill since the day they put carpets in the blocks at Swinditz;)
  7. Tin basher

    TG1 Retention again

    Minister for military things not happy at the shortages of manpower. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-12785677/Armed-forces-paralysed-shortages-soldiers-sailors-aviators.html
  8. Tin basher

    Accommodation in the news again

    Now the Army take action on rubbish barrack blocks and have a slightly left field solution to accomodate their troops. Shipping containers!!! BBC version some rats https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/articles/c1327r0jyjzo Mail version rat infested...
  9. Tin basher

    McCloud date 1 October

    Any clue as to the numbers of folk in the queue waiting for their "paperwork" to be sorted?
  10. Tin basher

    Ex Red going down.

    The PR battle is now important. If they become to toxic for brand RAF then questions will be asked in high places. Are they better retained and out there displaying or better to be consigned to the habits of an earlier age?
  11. Tin basher

    2023 remembrance Sunday

    Similar at Cosford the whole event was as well run as ever not to much "god bothering" and some nice words, a small amount of grit in the air for my old Army buddy. Hope the young lad who had to take the knee on the parade is OK, good work from the rock SNCO to move him out to a rest room with...
  12. Tin basher

    2023 remembrance Sunday

    On the remembrance Sunday what are the great and the good of the goat doing different to a normal Sunday, if anything? Old TB will be off to the remembrance event at Cosford Museum this morning with an ex-Army buddy of mine and maybe a glass could be raised this evening to those I have reason...
  13. Tin basher

    MOD Accomodation charges

    Oh well as someone who was a long term singly there was a chance! But if that's true the cheque is not in the post for me.
  14. Tin basher

    MOD Accomodation charges

    If proven this could open a rather large can of costly worms as the claim is that singly accomodation charges have been subsidising married and old folk for years. "Solicitors at Leigh Day argue the policy discriminates against younger or single troops who have been 'effectively subsidising'...
  15. Tin basher

    Raf Scampton and migrants

    If they do come to Scampton and if the BBC is right it's going to cost a few bob. "The cost of housing asylum seekers in a former RAF base in Lincolnshire could reach £260m by 2026, a leaked government document shows. Ministers have argued placing asylum seekers on sites like RAF Scampton would...
  16. Tin basher

    Israel thing

    "There is no solution for the Palestinian problem except byJihad. Initiatives, proposals and international conferences are but a waste of time, an exercise in futility.' " (Article 13 of the Hamas covenant). Hard to negotiate a peace settlement with your enemies whilst sticking to that stance...
  17. Tin basher

    Ex Red going down.

    The report is in and it's conclusions probably won't improve the mood amongst the special people still at sparrows HQ. "An investigation into a toxic culture in the RAF's Red Arrows display team has found predatory behaviour towards women was "widespread and normalised". Examples included...
  18. Tin basher

    Raf Scampton and migrants

    "Spoilt kid" still whinging in a legal way of course. "Plans to use the home of the legendary Dambusters squadron to house asylum seekers are 'unlawful' and should be quashed, council bosses say, amid a bitter legal battle to stop the proposal from going ahead."...
  19. Tin basher

    RAF Photo Comp

    Get your votes in early for the best snap from the old F4 and cloudy crew. "The public will soon be able to vote on the winner of the People's Choice category."...
  20. Tin basher

    Rugby Union world Cup

    So the Springboks won with a selection policy of using large humans in shifts stiffling the game (in my view). So Union folks what can be done to get the backs more involved? Is there some way to slow down the second half merry go round of multiple interchanges of large forwards? Less subs...