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  1. Oldstacker

    Something I've been meaning to ask about being time-ex.

    😀 lots of good ideas there, thanks all. Part of what has made me think about it is that I know of someone who used ill health, exacerbated by smoking and drinking way too much, as an excuse to stop working rather than a planned retirement and he is now doing nothing except rotting away.
  2. Oldstacker

    Something I've been meaning to ask about being time-ex.

    I too am wondering the same thing. I hit 65 next year and get my state pension at 66, I am planning on going part-time at some point next year. I don't really want to work beyond state pension age - men in my family tend to die young - so I am pondering what life will be like after work. I...
  3. Oldstacker

    What is the weather ...

    Same here....
  4. Oldstacker

    What is the weather ...

    Cold, grey and rainy here on the E Anglian coast.... Better than yesterday's freezing wet fog ..
  5. Oldstacker

    The Peculiar Rise of Geert Wilders

    I'm not sure his rise is that surprising; across Europe a number of countries have reinstated border controls to control the flow of asylum seekers/economic migrants/refugees despite being in the Schengen area and the rise of right wing (of varying degrees), anti EU factions is evident in...
  6. Oldstacker

    Accommodation in the news again

    '76 - I was in a block at Hereford in trade training and spent hours polishing brasses and buffing the floors (on one occasion a bull night every night for a week!) '82 - back to Hereford for ACS course (one of the first they ran), accommodated in same block, with carpeted floors, painted...
  7. Oldstacker

    Accommodation in the news again

    Portacabins? Hah, luxury.... Seko huts at Binbrook and ISO containers at Mount Alice.... Ok, they were both a long time ago 😀😀
  8. Oldstacker

    2023 remembrance Sunday

    Good turnout at our local war memorial, as usual the Lord lieutenant, MP and Mayor were there along with the local TA unit and a regular RA battery to fire for the start and finish of the 2 minutes. Most of the local youth organizations were represented too.
  9. Oldstacker

    A new poem for remembrance

    Something from one of our dark blue brethren, but very appropriate this weekend. Lost at sea FWIW it touches me because I had an uncle KIA in the far east in WW2 who was hurriedly buried in the jungle (I have seen the photo's) but whose remains were never recovered and he is officially listed...
  10. Oldstacker

    Raf Scampton and migrants

    Pleased to say that other than a couple of Domino's deliveries for family gatherings we have never had a take-away delivered; certainly never Just Eat or Deliveroo and have no intentions of doing so. I have to wonder if people in this country really are as hard up as some make out when services...
  11. Oldstacker

    Raf Scampton and migrants

    I find it depressing that the vfm calculation assumes that the situation will continue for 3 years. Some of the complaints about the use of Weathersfield (and probably Scampton) centre around the fact that the new inmates will be able to come and go but that there is nothing for them to do in...
  12. Oldstacker

    Ex Red going down.

    @4mastacker , funny you should mention the issue of "bringing them back into the RAF"; I was wondering whether their isolation at Scampton away from 'normal' people was a contributory factor to the state of affairs. Seems likely if the possibility had been recognized as far back as the Kemble...
  13. Oldstacker

    Death of the BBC

    I still use the BBC - I think they do still do some good programmes both on TV & Radio. I tend to watch BBC2 on a Monday evening and often listen to Radio 4 when I'm driving and generally it's the BBC we go to for news. But I have largely given up on BBC Breakfast or music channels. My...
  14. Oldstacker

    Israel thing

    I agree the whole thing is a mess; the Palestinians undoubtedly have some legitimate grievances dating back to the foundation of Israel but I don't see that ever being undone. Israel clearly now needs to protect its own citizens and is entitled to feel very aggrieved about the most recent Hamas...
  15. Oldstacker

    Interesting pic of the modern RAF

    Incorrect... you meant " Her cock..."
  16. Oldstacker

    Interesting pic of the modern RAF

    I don't disagree with you but the fact remains that there are plenty of countries in the world, some of them potential adversaries, who don't share the UK's liberal values. Some of those countries will use such images to stir up antagonism against the 'depraved and morally corrupt' UK (not my...
  17. Oldstacker

    Interesting pic of the modern RAF

    I suppose it doesn't matter a jot what we think, it shows the service today is inclusive and welcoming to all genders and sexualities. I do wonder what our potential enemies with their somewhat different perspective on human rights are making of it and the potential resilience of the services...
  18. Oldstacker

    New uses for old airframes

    My daughter in law and grandson stayed in an old Lynx AirBnB a couple of years back. Cosy... but fun for him.
  19. Oldstacker

    Top Guns - Inside the RAF

    I suppose that historically, theoretically, the 55 year old WO didn't have to worry about getting a job because he had a substantial immediate pension and could chillax until state pension age with perhaps a small part time job just to keep him ticking over. I don't know whether a 55 year old...
  20. Oldstacker

    New IBN - DLE, KPI's

    Looking at your avatar, I thought chasing people was your job 😂😂🏃🏃